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Installation guide

ediTrail comes in a single installer, for any autocad and for any platform, either 32 or 64 bits. Here we will explain, step by step, what you should do to install ediTrail on your computer.

  • First thing is to determine if your operating system is 32 or 64 bit, for this purpose, and depending on the system you have you can look at it in one or another site. For example, for windows 7 should go to the control Panel from the start menu...

    On the next screen select "System and security".

    Now open the "System" option.

    And now you'll see a screen that will show you if your operating system is 32 or 64 bits. See the following image:

  • Once determined which is your operating system and downloaded the installation program, you should run the file "InstalarediTrail.exe" on your computer. Setup will begin to extract the necessary files for the same and will present you the first "Welcome" screen.

    When you click the 'Next' button, will give you a screen that are all options for "Autocad" and "BricsCad", that you have, to install ediTrail. EdiTrail will always be installed to work with it outside of the CAD, this is not selectable.

    It is very, very important that you click with the MOUSE LEFT BUTTON on the ediTrail for CAD that you want to install, on the little cross, (if is that you have some, but goes ahead), and you will pop up a menu, in which you must select "this component will be installed on the hard drive", and you'll see how it changes the icon of that option giving you understand that you are installing.

    Now you can start the installation by pressing the "Next" button, emerging you a dialog box so that you ensure that this is your decision and proceed with the copy of files.

    Will come a moment that the installation begins to install one of the necessary controls for ediTrail, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 redistributable. Be patient because it may take several minutes to finish your installation.

    Finally, you arrive at the end of the installation, emerging to a dialog box alerting you of this.

    You will now see an icon, or several if you have installed ediTrail to various Autocad or BricsCad, on the desktop, with which they will run "Autocad" or "BricsCad", and the program ediTrail within of them.

    Now, when you click on any of the icons, will open ediTrail, either outside the CAD or within it. Ahora, cuando pinches en alguno de los iconos, se abrirá ediTrail, ya sea fuera del CAD o dentro de él.

    It can also pass by clicking on the ediTrail icon for any CAD ask you where is the CAD?, emerging you a window showing you the directories that you have in your PC, so you can select, manually, where is Autocad. Simply select the appropriate directory and click 'OK', and already have configured the program to get it to run automatically.

  • To here the automatic configuration, but there is a possible case, not yet covered here, and which refers to the possibility that you have on your computer various Autocad or BricsCad installed and you want to install it for one specific. So, here is an example in the case that you have in your PC "Autocad 2013" and "Autocad 2014", and want to install "ediTrail for Autocad 2014". As you can see, the installer will automatically install "Autocad 2013", and if you want to change this installation to "Autocad 2014", you must modify the properties of the icon of ediTrail that is on the desktop, indicating the Installer that ask you "where is Autocad". This is done by pressing with the right button of the mouse on the icon of ediTrail and selecting the "Properties" option.

    In the dialog box that you have, in the field "Destination", you will see a series of numbers, up to four, that if you change the first one, instead of a "0", you write a "1", you're telling him to installation program that the next time you DoubleClicked on the icon, "Ask me the directory where is AUTOCAD". (Care to touch this, since there must be a space between each of the numbers it there).

    Now, when you double click over the icon, the program will ask where is Autocad? And you, simply, indicates it the Autocad 2014 folder, so already you will have it configured. It is very important to remember that once you've started Autocad 2014 "to change the "1" that you have writen in the icon, by a '0'", because if you don't do it as well, whenever you start the program it will ask you where is Autocad?.

    This only should be made in the event that you have several Autocad on your computer, and want to change the installation has been done automatically, because you want to run ediTrail in other Autocad. But keep in mind the following.

    1.- It can not do this if you have installed "ediTrail for Autocad 2007-2008-2009", and you want to change it to "Autocad 2011". Only it can be, in this case, when you change from Autocad 2007 to Autocad 2008 or Autocad 2009. In the event that you want to switch to Autocad 2011 from Autocad 2008, necessarily, you will have to use again, the installation "InstalarediTrail.exe" program, and add this installation to which you already have, or delete the previous and install the new.

    2.- So if you install "ediTrail for Autocad 2010/2011/2012" only you can do, the change the number in the icon, for these Autocad and not for any other.

  • Also, in the event that you want to change the language in which the program is, you must do so via this type of command. Thus, if instead of writing a "1" in that edit box, you write a '2', and then click the icon, then it will ask you the language in which you want the program.

    Remember to write a "0" after changing the language, already that if do not you will be asked the language whenever you click in the icon.

We hope that this guide has helped you make the installation of the program, but if you still have a problem, please contact me and I will help you to perform the installation on your computer.