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Access to the DTMs server

If everyone want to have access to the Digital Terrain Models taked by the SRTM mission in the year 2000, and then to can determine the elevation of any point on terrain, and the visualization of the contour lines and longitudinal profile calculus, I'm put all the necesary files, 50.000, in a internet server which permits the fast access to them, and this is not free and I don't want pay it alone. Is for that if you want to have access to these data you'll have to pay them. If you want to view the trails in 3D you'll have to help paying some to the server. If you don't get the register code, the program will warn you with the next message:

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DTMs access

The ediTrail program is fully free, and you pay here, bandwidth, by say it of any form.


When you finish the pay, send us the serial number it displays from the ediTrai menu "Help/About of" and we resend you the register code which will permit you to access, without restictions of any kind, to the file server where we have all the elevations data of all the Earth, and so to can see and to work with the digital terrain model in all your trails.